Cosmos Wallpaper
Cosmos Wallpaper
Cosmos Wallpaper

Cosmos Wallpaper


100% hand-painted wallpaper from Sarkos NYC

  • 27 inch untrimmed, 25-26″ trimmed
  • Custom panel lengths; up to 12 foot each at standard pricing; longer lengths available by request
  • No repeats / no joint marks = unique freeform seams
  • Materials are non-woven paper, water-based paint, metal leaf and size
  • Lead time averages :
    < 30 wall panels = 6-10 weeks     •     > 30 wall panels = 8 weeks
ElikonasElikonasHliosHliosKorinthian SeaKorinthian SeaRose VounoRose Vouno

COSMOS is a deep vibrant matte – or not – painted finish with original bursts of hand-gilt leaf.

ELIKONAS is a deep matte graphite color applied in barely visible vertical strié, with gilded metal leaf in original-every-time cosmic bursts.

ROSE VOUNO is matte pink blush color strié that fades in and out, adorned by gilded metal leaf in original-every-time sunlit bursts.

HLIOS is made with 1/2 iridescent, 1/2 satin paint in her strié formation.

KORINTHIAN SEA is a deep matte luxe blue color applied in vertical strié with subtle texture, adorned by gilded metal leaf.

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Elikonas, Hlios, Korinthian Sea, Rose Vouno

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