Circular Freshwater White Pearl Shell Tile

$313.28 $289.73

• Thickness: around 2mm (.08″)
• One sheet of tile has dimensions of 12.09″ X 11.30″ (307mm X 287mm)
• Individual mosaic tile shape: 20mm diameter (0.8″)
• Each order contains 44 tiles that can cover 41.73 sq. ft.
• Minimum Order Quantity: 41.73 sq. ft. (1 box)

These natural shell tiles give a calm, tranquil ocean feel while also delivering a rich, exotic impression. Each tiny tesserae has an individual quality which makes the entire surface completely unique. The wonderful nacre finish looks amazing in kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls, and more. While this type of material has been used for thousands of years, its popularity has increased over the last decade. The iridescent tile will fit with both contemporary and traditional aesthetics for a feeling of richness and opulence in all situations. Each order contains 44 tiles that can cover 41.73 sq. ft.

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